Hope Kids

Hope Kids is a once a month gathering of our kids ages PreK-5th grade.  They come together and learn in a fun and exciting way.  Hope Kids utilizes a full spectrum of learning for our kids to grow in their faith and understanding of God.  We invite you to join us for our next Hope Kids Night.  During the Hope Kids time, parents are invited to join in their own opportunity of learning as they study and learn.  Check our event pages for more details.


Wesleyan Kids for Mission (WKFM) meets once a month during the school year.  This program is designed for kids in Kindergarten up to 5th grade.  They meet during the worship service on Sundays.  WKFM teaches kids about the mission field and opens kids eye, minds and hearts to missionaries of all sorts.  The kids will at times study missionaries from history or modern day servants of God in other places across the world.  The hope is to remind kids that God’s mission is for the world and the people of the world.

Children’s Church

During the school year we offer Children’s church for families with kids ages kindergarten to 2nd grade; they meet during the worship service each Sunday.  We realize that one of the things that is difficult for families is focused time in worship, not just for parents but for the kids as well.  So, we offer this very friendly opportunity for kids to continue to grow in their spiritual journey at their pace.