Life Groups

Study Leader Location/Time/Day
Building a Relationship with Jesus Pastor Chopper LHWC / 6:30pm / Wednesday
Study Leader Time/Day
Study by Tony Evans John Thomas 6:30 / Wednesday
Study Leader Location/Time/Day
Your Time Starved Marriage Jacob and Amanda Rosalez Rosalez Home / 6:30 / Sunday

Discipleship Series

Living Hope is committed to being a church that “Makes Disciples.”  We are doing this by encouraging everyone that calls Living Hope their home church to take the “D-Series” classes that are designed to assist a follower become a fully committed to Disciple.  We are creating a “Pathway” of discipleship that will lead to further growth, a common understanding of purpose, encouragement to continued growth, practiced daily disciplines and a living a life of Holiness.

Each section of classes last 4 weeks; topics include (Building Relationship with God, Basic Christian Beliefs, Living a Life of Holiness,  Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Disciplines).  Contact Pastor Chopper for questions.